Sunday services at 11.00 am
Service of Holy Communion Tuesday mornings at 10.30 am

Family Service

The Third Sunday after The Epiphany

Sunday 23rd January 2022

11.00 a.m.

When you arrive at the Cathedral use the hand sanitiser in the porch.

Wear a face covering when you enter and when you leave the building – and throughout the service.

We recognise, and appreciate, that some people are – for medical reasons – exempted from wearing a face covering. To such people – members of this Cathedral Church – I would want to assure you that you will always be welcome in Saint Columb’s Cathedral and we would love to see you return to worship when you feel able to do so.

Due to social distancing the Cathedral can accommodate only 100 persons (max).

The pews will be filled from front to back, observing social distancing (2 metres).

At the end of the service parishioners who are sitting at the back of the Cathedral will leave first.

Before you leave, please complete the details on the Track and Trace Form and leave it in the porch as you exit the Cathedral.

(A Track and Trace Form must be completed for every person – adult and child).

When you arrive and when you leave church we, respectfully, request that you do not stand and chat with the clergy, the members of the Cathedral staff, and other parishioners. We understand that all of us have been accustomed to greeting one another – especially when we are leaving the Cathedral. This is, however, not permitted.

Leave the Cathedral as quickly as possible and do not stand outside chatting to one another.

Please note that all toilet facilities will remain closed until further notice.

Until further notice congregational hymn singing is not permitted.


Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

As of Monday 24th May 2021

N.B. It is now possible for clergy to visit in care homes and hospitals, in addition to visits from family members.

All local restrictions and procedures should be followed, including, in most cases, advance appointments for care homes.

Bishop Andrew Forster has advised the members of the ordained clergy:

I recommend that you contact hospitals and care homes in advance of visiting to confirm local arrangements. A conversation with the family of a patient in advance of a visit may also be worthwhile to alleviate any concerns on either side.

The Leprosy Mission N. Ireland