Weddings in Saint Columb’s Cathedral, Londonderry


Weddings will NOT be solemnised in the Cathedral during the season of LENT except for some very urgent reason approved by the Dean.

The Dean will normally officiate at marriages unless unable to do so, in which case he will arrange for a substitute          (fee for the Dean is £150). If it is desired that a relative or friend perform the rites the Dean must be asked for permission.

Applications must be made to the Registrar at 14 Magazine Street, Londonderry, BT48 6HH, no earlier than one year and no later than 6-8, but at the very least 4, weeks before the wedding. The Marriage Schedule must be taken to the officiating minister to be signed at the wedding. It is the responsibility of the Bride and Groom to ensure that it is returned to the Registrar’s office within 3 working days.

  • The minimum church fee for those who are not members of  The Parish of Templemore (Saint Columb’s Cathedral)       is £400.

  • The minimum church fee for those who are members of  The Parish of Templemore (Saint Columb’s Cathedral) is £150.00.

  • For all marriages a fee of £50 is payable to the Cathedral Staff.

  • If music is required at the ceremony the organist’s fee is £150. If the services of the Choir are required, the fees are:

  • Boy Choristers £20 each, Gentlemen of the Choir £30 each.

  • If the bells are required the fee is £75.

  • If you wish to have your Order of Service designed and printed by the Cathedral Parish Office please request through the Dean and a cost will be provided.

  • Photographs are not permitted to be taken in the Cathedral by your guests during the ceremony. Please try to ensure that your guests are advised of this requirement.

  • The Dean’s permission should be obtained for the official photographer to take photographs unobtrusively during the ceremony.

  • The photographer should be advised to consult with the staff of the Cathedral prior to the ceremony.

  • The Dean must be asked permission for a video of the service to be taken.

Owing to difficulties in cleaning, we regret that throwing confetti is NOT permitted within the Cathedral.

Flowers for the Cathedral are the responsibility of the wedding party. Staff will advise re location and suitable arrangement size. It is customary to leave flowers on the wall at either side of the Communion Table; any other flowers may be taken away if required. At certain times the Cathedral may already be decorated, e.g. Christmas, Easter and Harvest,

so please check with staff before making any arrangements with your florist.


  • All mobile phones MUST be switched off during the entire ceremony.




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